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I never thought potholes could be picturesque. That was until I visited Nighoj, a tiny village in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, nearly 30km of a winding road journey from Ranjangaon on the Pune-Ahmednagar highway. Known mostly for its temple

He has made us laugh, cry and shiver in fright. He has taken us up the hills, down the valleys and into lovely wooded forests. Here are six books by Ruskin Bond we always pick up when we’re yearning for the mountains:

Our incredible country, with its varied landscape and climate mixes, has a bucket-load of thrills for the adventure-loving you. Get your trip list kicking with our 21 top picks:

Lakshman Babu Rao Sathe, the man who had just astounded us with his performance or kala pradarshan as he would call it, is the eldest member of the Potraj community of Pune. He belongs to 21st generation of the community, and he has learned the art from his fathers and forefathers who too, were self-flagellators and performers in Maharashtra.

We remember the Mughals for their majestic contribution to the Indian architecture. The monumental treasures built by them such as the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Biwi Ka Maqbara are till date visited, appreciated and have become an important part of the Indian heritage. The Mughal Kings had a special fondness for art and architecture. However, amongst their many pastimes and hobbies was an interesting card game called the Mysoru Ganjifa.

History has been witness to the fact that nothing man-made can stand against the atrocities of nature. The recent catastrophe in Nepal has served testimony to the very same fact as it has truly lost its architectural treasure to the most ferocious earthquake ever faced by mankind.