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“Try this, it’s a specialty” Sonam Dorje told me. When the owner of Kunzum Cafe and Guest House in Tabo slides a plate of Rosti (potato patty, topped with omelette) in front of you, don’t say no. Travelling through the tiny village

When Rolina Rodricks was a young girl, she would often accompany her grandmother for a walk on the beach. Times were simpler then and so was this city they called their own. Or at least that is what Rolina’s grandmother always told her.

It was a hot May afternoon when Manju Velkar walked into a house filled with her husband’s relatives. The 6-month anniversary of their marriage was being celebrated with a grand ceremonial feast. Typical fanfare for the Pathare Prabhu household, that Manju had married into–a community that takes their (sea)food extremely seriously.

Four young dusky women clad in traditional white clothing pose in a garden. There’s a certain enigma in their eyes, a story best left to the interpretation of the receiver of this sepia-tinted postcard. Perhaps there’s a note at the back that has nothing to with the contents of the visual or perhaps it elaborates

It’s a sunny August morning in Thanedhar, a quaint village in Himachal Pradesh situated just 80 kilometres north east of Shimla. Kushal Bhalaik

At the break of dawn, when the air becomes heavy with the smell of soap and begins to buzz with the sound of cloth beaten against stone,

The earliest memory Dharavi resident Prabhakar Zanke has of the Kala Qilla (black fort) is of him swiftly climbing up the fort and jumping into the

I was walking. I kept walking through the rocky trail as my body could feel the weight of every step I took. The sun shone bright, but the air was still chilly. I looked around, gazed at the majestic Himalayas of the Garhwal, the green valleys and took in a lungful of fresh mountain air. The duffel bag on my shoulders was trying to pin me down and the wooden stick that I held for support was wet with my sweat. I looked around to spot the summit, but it was too far to be seen.